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Welcome to Reese Family Chiropractic: a place of healing and an institute of learning! We are a full family chiropractic care service provider that caters to all patients in Wilmington, NC, as well as New Hanover County and surrounding areas. Our practice is dedicated to helping our clients improve their well being!

Our practice is open for clients of all ages. If you are looking for a chiropractor that can accommodate newborns, retirees, golfers, or even people recovering from car accidents, we are here for you. We accept all types of insurance, credit cards and cash payments. Schedule an appointment today to get started. Click to call the number below to learn more!


4512 Oleander Dr Suite 600
Wilmington, NC 28403

About Reese Family Chiropractic

Our chiropractic clinic was started in 1985, and since then, we have more than 35 years of experience in the industry. We treat every client we receive as if they are our family, which has allowed us to deliver quality services every time.

Mission-Vision Statement

We at Reese Family Chiropractic aim to provide top quality chiropractic care, as well as educate and reposition as many people and families as possible. Our team strives to detect, correct, and prevent vertebral subluxation complex and subluxation degeneration. Through our efforts, we can help our patients have longer, healthier, and more productive lives!

Reese Chiropractic Team

Reese Family Chiropractic is staffed by professionals who strive to deliver the chiropractor services that our patients and their families deserve. Get to know them today!

What We Offer At Reese Chiropractic

It is our goal to provide affordable care plans for all families, even for non-insured clients (hardship plans are available upon review). Our team offers new patients no-charge consultations, family checks, and health talk classes for customers and their families or friends. We also have a hassle-free insurance benefit check and filing with our on-site financial manager.

Our team can conduct a bio-mechanical exam for all ages, physical abilities, and financial situations. To determine if you qualify for chiropractic care, we will conduct the following tests:

  • Spinal tenderness evaluation
  • Computerized digital foot scan
  • Grip strength evaluation
  • Activities of daily living evaluation
  • Precision digital weight bearing postural analysis
  • Biophysical motion exam

Afterwards, our resident Wilmington chiropractor, Dr. Reese, will explain his diagnosis and findings with you thoroughly. He will also provide a comprehensive written documentation and educational pointers that you can take home.

Our practice is located in Central Wilmington, next to Verizon, off Oleander Dr/College Rd. We are open at convenient hours, including morning, noon, and late afternoon appointment times. Get in touch with us today if you need hand adjustments, are looking for family care and wellness guidance, or are recovering from sports and auto injuries!


It’s our goal at Reese Family Chiropractic to always provide the best service to our patients and their families. With more than 35 years of experience, we’ve gotten some positive reviews from our clients in Wilmington, NC on how we’ve helped improve their overall well being. Browse some of our testimonials below!

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Reese Chiropractic

4512 Oleander Dr Suite 600 Wilmington, NC 28403

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