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At Reese Family Chiropractic, your Wilmington Chiropractic Clinic, we are dedicated to educating you on holistic health and Chiropractic! We strive to help you achieve your goals and improve your quality of life as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We are devoted to teaching and living a wellness lifestyle with ourselves and our clients. Many clients choose to continue their Chiropractic adjustments despite not experiencing any symptoms or pain because they understand the health benefits of a well-adjusted spine and properly functioning nervous system.

Donald E. Reese, DC, PC

Chiropractor in Wilmington, NC

Dr. Reese discovered chiropractic care at age 14, after losing his beloved brother to a medically-diagnosed illness. Two weeks after the incident, during his freshman year, he got to talk to a substitute teacher: a chiropractor waiting for his license. From the educator, the young Dr. Reese learned about the difference between life and death, as well as how all health and vitality comes from above down.

After such an event, Dr. Reese made it his mission to find more natural healing methods for optimal health and wellness. He also had his spine checked for nerve stress at an early age, which only spurred him more to become a pupil of and advocate for the wonders of chiropractic.

After finishing his undergraduate classes in Organic Chemistry at the University of South Carolina, Dr. Reese spent many years as a laboratory specialist in the United States Air Force. He was also a certified histologist at the Walter Reed Army Hospital. He was an Associate Instructor in Clinical Laboratory Science, including histology, cell biology and embryology.

Later on, Dr. Reese received his DC degree in 1984 from the Life Chiropractic College. During his academic career, he was voted first class president of his senior class and graduated among the top 10% of his batch. After graduation, Dr. Reese then scouted out for the perfect location of where to spread his passion for caring and serving others via chiropractic care.

On November 11, 1985, he proudly opened the Reese Family Chiropractic in the beautiful and historic port city of Wilmington. He later ran a live radio show, Straightalk, for 12 years, and had a live TV show which aired on local stations for three years. After more than 35 years of service, through his healing hands, he has successfully performed more than a million adjustments.

Dr. Reese was a member and speaker for Waiting List Practice Consulting firm. He has been part of the North Carolina Chiropractic Association, World Chiropractic Association, and the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Nowadays, Dr. Reese is active with the Carolina Chiropractors Association.

Donald is a proud father of his beautiful and accomplished daughter, Nicole, and best known to his four beloved grandchildren as their “Pop”. He understands the importance of a family

Angela Croom, CCCA

Certified Clinical Chiropractic Assistant

At the young age of 7, Angela became aware of the benefits of chiropractic care after being struck by a vehicle while riding her bike. The accident caused injuries to her spine, which led to a referral to a chiropractor by her mother. Since then, she has maintained a healthy spine, and sought to learn more about this field.

After starting work at the Reese Family Chiropractic in 2004, Angela obtained the North Carolina Chiropractic X-ray Technician Certification. She is now a certified Clinical Chiropractic Assistant. Since 1979, Angela has been a native to Wilmington, NC and has achieved two Associate Degrees. Currently, she is a proud mother to her son, Jett.

Angela is honored to serve alongside Dr. Reese, as he performs trusted and natural chiropractic services. Together, they promote health and education to Wilmington and its surrounding communities.

Linda Trujillo

Patient Coordinator

Hola, mi nombre es Linda Trujillo. Vivo en Wilmington, Carolina del Norte, pero crecí en Tampa, Florida. Tengo dos hijos, Joshua de 15 años y Kayla de 11. Soy terapeuta del desarrollo, trabajo con niños en el espectro y retrasos en el desarrollo, las edades oscilan entre 1 y 3 años. También he recibido capacitación en SLP y terapias ocupacionales; la mayoría, si no todas, mis sesiones de terapia se realizan mediante juegos y actividades sensoriales. He sido terapeuta del desarrollo durante aproximadamente 9 años.Tengo una Licenciatura en Educación Infantil; lo que me llevó al campo de los Servicios de Rehabilitación Comunitarios, también conocidos como terapia de juego a través de CDSA. También me he asociado con los Servicios Sociales de New Hanover para ayudar a niños con necesidades o retrasos en el desarrollo. Después de sufrir lesiones en un accidente automovilístico, me derivaron a Reese Family Chiropractic para recibir tratamiento. Los beneficios que recibí de la atención quiropráctica y ser practicante de Terapia del Desarrollo me llevaron a trabajar con Reese Family Chiropractic para ayudar a servir mejor a la comunidad latina con la interpretación para los clientes en su idioma nativo. Podré interpretar todo lo que el Dr. Reese necesita para comunicarse con los clientes en el idioma nativo del cliente para ayudarlos a lograr una salud y bienestar óptimos.

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